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This is a tool for you as a pilot to plan your flight in advance of normal planning or due to lack of proper tools.
Make sure you get all the required fuel without overload.
Pilot Quick Planning uses remote data and is up to date as soon as new data is provided to the server. For data format and procedure please contact
All your company's aircraft types can be supported, simply choose your aircraft type on a picker
Some features are described below and more to come...



Privacy Policy






Load Page

- Will advise the best selection of gender/adult (blue dot)
- Colorcoded for easy reading
- Get your margins to max masses instantly (Info)
- Set your own limits on Limits page (orange dot)
- Calculate max fuel with one click (Max Fuel)








Config Page


- Select your company's aircraft, crew and pentry
- Shows data from your company as provided
- A custom Pentry code available to set custom mass






Fuel, Fuel Page

- Flip and show your required amount of fuel if you're not capabel of set your fuel from flightdeck
- Fast calculation of your uplift, to verify your fuelreciepe







Text, Fuel Page

- Flip your device and communicate
- Design your own shortkeys for messages








Limits Page

- Shows max masses of selected aircraft
- Set your limits. due to frost, performance etc.





Settings Page

- Select your company's aircraft type
- User information
-Check for updates (Update reminder will also be send via mail)






Timer, Settings Page

- Shake your iPhone to start timer, works on all pages in the app
- Vibrates and alert you with a cricket sound, adjust volume
- Perfect for timing of anti-ice system, holding pattern etc.