This Privacy Policy describes how, when and why Pilot Quick Planning uses your information. Pilot Quick Planning (PQP) is a product of designbymattias.com. Our service and user information will be found on the website www.designbymattias.com.


Creating a Pilot Quick Planning Account


When you create an account and to be able to show your specific  information on PQP, your email address and a password is required. Your email will be used as a user identification. You are as a user restricted to specific user data.

Your account information will be used to verify that you receive correct data to your PQP and for update information concerning your data.


When creating an account you will be asked to choose your company to be able to use your specific data in your PQP only. By creating an PQP account you Ġre also verifying that youĠre entitled to use the data of your choice.


How We Use Information


Your email will be used to create your PQP account. Your email will also be used as channel for update information regarding your specific user data.

When your data is updated via your company operations or designated person an email will be sent to you. And you will be requested to Update your PQP for latest data version.


How We Distributes And Collects Data


PQP is an app for you to be able to use data of your aircraft fleet. User data is therefore supplied to PQP via a designated person, your company operations or by any other means. This data is to be send to info@designbymattias.com

Correct data for you will therefore be available through you Account preferences in your PQP.

Fleet data will not be distributed in channels other than PQP


Control Of Your Information


Your email are not subject to any third parties or any other sources. Your email is strictly used to provide you as a user with updates and other information regarding PQP.

If you need to change your Account settings, you are requested to send an email to info@designbymattias.com to get your reset information.

If you would like to discontinue your service with PQP you are also requested to send an email with request to info@designbymattias.com

Your data will be public to users with login credentials set to specific company data.


Changes to Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy is subject to change and any revision or change will be posted on www.designbymattias.com and a notice will be sent to your email as registered in your Account


Contact Us


If you have any questions or concerns about us or PQP, please contact us by sending email to info@designbymattias.com



Effective: October 31, 2014